Cashback for Contacts

Did you know that you can make money with us without ever needing to play?
The process is simple, refer friends and colleagues that you believe will make good candidates for playing Spin and Gos with Evolve Staking.
You are guaranteed a USD dollar payout as soon as the accepted referral processes their first profit chop and has been with us for over one month.
The payout amount will be determined according to the stakes your referral starts at.
That will depend on their background in poker and in spins specifically.


Q: How can I refer somebody to your staking program?

A: Easy! Just send us an email with the subject line: “Player referral” and include your name and contact details of your referral in the content of the email. Be sure to mention what stakes he/she is interested in playing. Please note we are currently focusing on Spin and Go recruitment only.

Q: How will you remember that I referred an applicant?

A: We have everything scrupulously recorded. However, please be sure to ask your friend to mention your name when they complete their staking application.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: You will receive your full referral payment as soon as the player processes their first profit chop and has been with us for over one month.

Q: How will I receive the payment?

A: We can send by a variety of methods including Skrill and PokerStars player to player transfer.

Q: How much will I receive?

A: Please contact us for more information about the amount awarded for the different possible stake levels your referral could start at.

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