Who are we?

We are an elite Spin & Go staking group with a singular focus on helping each of our players get to the $500’s and succeed at the highest stakes. We have kept our profile mostly under wraps while honing our craft, but after 2+ years in the business and thousands of hours of intense work we have decided to put ourselves out there in hopes of attracting even more like mind players to join our community.

Our approach is to only take on driven players we believe have the potential to succeed and who will fit in well with the company’s ethos. By design, the number of players we have is smaller than many other Spin & Go stables out there. We believe by not growing too big, too fast, we can provide the highest quality of support to each member of Evolve.

You will never feel that you are just another faceless horse in our stable and instead will be treated with the attention and care that you deserve as a player and a human being.

We have an engaging community environment that our members love. We offer our team the support needed to achieve their goals and we strive to go above and beyond with how we help.

We believe there is more to life than poker. Our goal for every member who joins our group is to provide them guidance on not only consistently improving their game, but also assisting them in reflecting on their own life goals by promoting an introspective atmosphere.

Our view is that playing poker professionally should be used as a tool to create the freedom to do as you desire, not something undertaken to aimlessly chase money just because you can.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for poker players that have a burning desire to make it to the $500’s and to be the best in the world at Spin & Go’s. You should want to be the absolute ideal version of yourself both on and off the tables. You need to not only be willing, but hungry to put in the consistent work that is required to achieve success at the highest level.

Our team values trust, accountability, and communication highly, along with the intense desire to improve yourself every day. We have a strong community of poker players and choose to only allow people to join us that have the right drive, motivation, and mindset for what we are all working towards.

What do we offer?

The owner of Evolve Staking, Gabriel Kollander, has been playing poker professionally for over a decade. He initially started out mastering SNG’s and then moved on to short stacked no limit cash games and has been crushing the highest stakes for years. He has now made the transition to playing $500 Spin & Go’s full time to focus his time and energy towards providing the maximum value possible to members of Evolve. His first month at $500’s led to him winning 6 figures while having solid chip ev for usually playing 4+ tables at once!

We also provide exclusive coaching at no cost to our players with some of the best and brightest minds in Spins & Go’s. Many of our coaches and players are working in depth with the top $100 Spin & Go regular out there today, Tom Wiesner, who also is a member of Evolve as a player. Under his tutelage, several of our members have gone from playing the $7’s to having some of the highest win-rates at the $100’s and are on their way to doing so in $500’s now. Tom has the highest public EV win rate in $100 Spin & Go’s on Poker Stars under his screen name TexasTommo, winning at a ridiculous 7.5% ROI/$7.50+ per game even after PokerStars rake back changes over a 3,500+ game sample, and an 11% ROI/$11+ per game over his most recent 1500 games. Tom also plays $500 Spin & Go’s when the game quality looks worthwhile for him.

We have multiple other coaches currently grinding $500 and $100 Spin & Go’s with some of the best wins rates in today’s poker environment that work with our players still on their way to high stakes.

One of our other coaches, Brecht Taroxus, joined us in early 2018, and has been subsequently crushing the games since with one of the highest win-rates ever seen at the $100s so far during his time here. He provides detailed breakdowns of specific spots and is helping many of our skilled players to break through that next level into joining that top tier level of Spin and Go Grinder.

It is our strong belief that we are the premier Spin & Go stable if you are looking to make it to the highest stakes and join the ranks of becoming one of the best poker players out there today.

We provide a version of an EV deal, but do it in our own unique way. Our program gives the player the financial security they are looking for, but also allows them to experience the profits rush of when they hit a big upswing while not needing to send a massive amount of their money won back to us like other stables require in a standard EV deal.

We are extremely competitive with our profit chop rates and when combined with our quarterly VIP rewards system and monthly leader board program, we believe you won’t find a better deal elsewhere.

We offer monthly one on one mental game coaching and hypnotherapy with Dan Heskett. He is the only protégé of renowned poker mental game coach and hypnotherapist Elliot Roe. We cover the cost of your session once you make it to the $30s and higher.

If you prove yourself to be a strong player, there is also the possibility for you to be offered a coaching position in the stable and be paid at a competitive rate.

We use advanced tools to analyse the appropriate responses to actions taken by the player population at each stake level while also giving in depth coaching on how to utilize and study GTO when it is optimal to do so.

We provide detailed study and support materials to help improve your play in every situation you may encounter. In addition, we have created the best Spin & Go charts available, which help to put our players above and beyond their competition.

Players can move up quickly through the stakes if they are able to achieve our Chip EV/volume requirements for each buy-in level.

What games do we stake for?

We are currently staking for Spin & Go’s all the way up to $500’s. We are only taking on players that are at least beating $7’s or higher over a 2k+ game sample. Exceptions can be made for extremely motivated individuals, but keep in mind that you will need to convince us even more as to why you should be allowed to join our community.

What sites do we stake for?

We put players onto any poker site that offers high stakes Spin & Go’s, but our primary focus is on Poker Stars and getting our players up to $500’s.

Do you accept applicants living in the United States?

No, at this time we do not.

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