Who are we?

We are an elite Spin & Go staking group with a singular focus on creating an engaging community environment that results in our members receiving as much value as possible. We offer our team members the support needed to make it to the highest levels of play.

We believe there is more to life than poker. Our goal for every member who joins our group is to provide them guidance on not only consistently improving their game, but also assisting them in reflecting on their own life goals by promoting an introspective atmosphere.

We believe that playing poker professionally should be used as a tool to create the freedom to do as you desire, not something undertaken to aimlessly chase money just because you can.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for poker players that want to be the absolute best versions of themselves both on and off the tables. You should not only be willing, but motivated to put in the consistent work that is required to achieve success.

Our team values trust, accountability, and communication highly, but the drive and desire to improve yourself daily is the most important trait required. We have a strong community of poker players and choose to only allow people to join us that have the right drive, motivation, and mindset for what we are all working towards.

What do we offer?

We provide exclusive coaching at no cost to our players with some of the best and brightest minds in Spins & Go’s. Many of our coaches and players are working in depth with one of the top $100 Spin & Go regulars out there today, Arron Wilson, who also is a member of Evolve as a player. Arron has the highest public EV win rate in $100 Spin & Go’s on Poker Stars under his screen name arronwilson, winning close to $6 per game over an approximate 8,000 game sample before factoring in any additional rakeback.

Arron’s $100 Spin & Go results on Poker Stars

Learning from someone who has a strong win rate at the highest stakes with no additional help from rakeback is especially key in today’s Spin & Go environment given the VIP changes on Poker Stars.

We use advanced tools to analyse the appropriate responses to actions taken by the player population at each stake level while also giving in depth coaching on how to utilize and study GTO when it is optimal to do so.

We strongly believe in the power of small group coaching sessions and you will never find yourself lost in the crowd with us.

The owner of Evolve Staking, Gabriel Kollander, is an expert in short stacked no limit cash games and has been crushing the highest stakes for years. He has now made the transition to playing the highest stakes Spin & Go’s to help focus his time and energy towards providing the maximum value possible to members of Evolve. He presently conducts weekly, in depth coaching sessions with the most promising players in the stable.

Gabriel additionally provides recorded sessions of his own thought process and analysis to all Stakees at the $15s and higher. He goes over countless Spin & Go situations utilizing his unique perspective from nosebleed cash games and is constantly striving to think outside the box to find ways to maximize his student’s EV. You will not find these videos anywhere else except by joining our team as they are exclusive to Evolve Staking.

Below are graphs of his results over 2014-2015 as well as 2016-2017.


Gabriel: 2014-2015


Gabriel: 2016-2017


We have multiple other coaches currently grinding $100 Spin & Go’s with some of the best wins rates in today’s poker environment.

We record most coaching sessions for all our members to be able to watch and learn from at their own pace in the videos section of our site.

We offer monthly one on one mental game coaching and hypnotherapy with Dan Heskett. He is the only protégé of renowned poker mental game coach/hypnotherapist Elliot Roe. Elliot has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients himself and would only put his name behind someone he felt was fully capable of helping others as much as he has. Here at Evolve Staking, we believe your mental game both on and off the tables is the key to unlocking your full potential.

We provide detailed study and support materials to help improve your play in every situation you may encounter. In addition, we have created the best Spin & Go charts available, which help to put our players above and beyond their competition. All of our strategic approaches continually evolve and grow as our group consistently stays ahead of the curve.

We transfer all the funds you need to play, so bankroll is never an issue with us. The days of worrying about your monetary swings are over. Additionally, we have stable managers available 24 hours a day so there is always someone around to help you when you need it.

Players can move up quickly through the stakes if they are able to achieve our Chip EV/volume requirements for each buy-in level.

We provide the highest value VIP rewards and leader board program available today, ensuring that the more work you put in, the more you will receive out. If you prove yourself to be a strong player, there is also the possibility for you to be offered a coaching position in the stable and be paid at a competitive rate.

What games do we stake for?

We are currently staking for Spin & Go’s. We start inexperienced players at low stakes while they are learning the basics but our goal is for anyone in the stable long term to have the skill set necessary to play the highest stakes Spin & Go’s available.

What sites do we stake for?

We put players onto any poker site that offers high stakes Spin & Go’s.

Do you accept applicants living in the United States?

No, at this time we do not.

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