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I joined Evolve at the beginning of 2018. I instantly loved the coaching from Tom. Evolve is also run very professionally, with fast replies to any queries.

In this way they remove any obstacles, leaving me free to concentrate on beating the games. Which has worked out great for me!


Brecht "Taroxus"

$100's Grinder / Mid-High Stakes Head Coach

My Journey with Evolve staking has been amazing so far. That was a super difficult decision to join because I was so self-motivated to succeed and reach the highest limits on my own but I’m so happy that I made that choice and I wish I would of did it that way earlier because the help I got here was all I needed.
I was so worried to become a “horse” for somebody and get lost in the crowd but thankfully that’s not the case with Evolve. I love the fact that we are not huge group and I interact with almost everyone in the stable on weekly basis. I became from 7s grinder who lived away from home country to work in a salad factory so I can afford to pay my bills and take care of my family to competing at the highest level, moved back to Latvia and making more money than ever before and Evolve staking plays a huge role in this success.
Evolve is helped me to fulfil my potential and changed my personality and now as I am part of the management team then I’m willing to do my best to make sure you get the best chance to reach your potential and live a life on your terms.

Oskars "O_Grivs" Grivs

$100's Grinder/ 1v1 Coach

I joined Evolve in January 2019 and it turned out to be a great decision. I become a better poker player week after week and the teammates and coaches of the stable have a huge impact on this.
Group coachings run 6 times a week and it’s always very helpful, instructive and makes my life as poker player much more enjoyable.
The community is also very friendly, open minded and there is always somebody to rail, to review or just to talk to about strategies.
If you are willing to work on your game, Evolve provides you with everything you need to become a Spin & Go crusher.
That’s why I recommend Evolve for everyone who has this goal in mind.


$60's Grinder

Joining Evolve stable, was for sure the best decision I made in my poker carrer. If I hadn’t, I might have quit poker by now as I would probably be struggling to be any better than a breakeven player. In Gabe I got the best ˝boss˝ and mentor I could have ever wished for and the whole team is very friendly and helpfull. I can say with certainty, that you will never regret joining Evolve.


€25's Grinder

Joining Evolve increased my skill set a ton. I’m getting a good quality coaching every week, and great support from the team.
There are monthly leaderboard and VIP system to provide us a ton of value and motivate us to become better.
The stable is also providing me with mental game coaching sessions, which help me lot.
Comunity is great, and everyone is super helpful.


€10's Grinder

The name of the group speaks for itself. It’s not just a standard coaching to teach you some basic strategy. Here you get all the support you can only imagine, all kinds of motivation, everything you need to improve your game at the tables, your mental game. Even studying here is super fun and addictive. You just have to put in time and trust your coaches, then it’s just literally impossible to fail.


$7's Grinder

Since joining evolve in December 2016 I have climbed the stakes quickly while originally working as a gardener i went from the normal 9-5 to full time pro in 4 months and soon after mentor for the stable, I have been playing the 100s since beginning of August and not looked back. The stable provided me from the beginning with all the support and knowledge I needed to rise the stakes quickly and with a bit of hard work on my side i was able to reach the top! An opportunity i am eternally grateful for.


Former $100's Grinder/currently playing $250's-$500's

Since Joining Evolve three months ago I moved up from $15’s to shot-taking $60’s. I joined the stable as a cash game player who just moved over to spins. I was searching for like minded people and found them in Evolve. We are all working together to move up and crush. My game benefits a lot from the regular, well structured coaching sessions and hand reviews. Somebody is always up to study, rail or brag about bad runs. I got in touch with a lot of higher stake players and listening to their opinions on the hands, I have played is a great value! Of course everybody needs to put in the work in order to move up but Evolve provided all the tools, charts and most importantly the community that helped me get from a bad cEV at $15’s to an 87 cEV at $30’s over the first 3k games I played.


Former $100's Grinder/currently playing $100's-$250's

I joined Evolve back in early 2017. Since July I have been playing $100s with a 60+ cEV after my first 1.5k games.

I’m a mentor for the stable and always try hard to use my Poker and Spin experience to help all Evolve members in any aspect they may be struggling in. I’m super optimistic about Evolve’s future and the direction we are travelling in, and think we can continue to be the most Elite Spin focused Stable in the world.

Joining Evolve was without doubt one of the best Poker Decisions I’ve ever made, and to any potential candidates out there considering options – I strongly encourage you to check out the applications sheet, and I fully believe that t those with the right attitude, Evolve can provide a great platform for Poker and life success.

Tom "TexasTommo" Weisner

Former $100's Grinder

“I dont usually share graphs but today I wanted to share one of my last 1k games at 30s, for some guys it could help as a motivation and also a proof that u can beat 30s for a decent Cev, games are spr good lately and I was missing so much value by no playing enough… so my intention is to help everyone to try, try and try, believe and have confident on yourself, we make mistakes and dont be afraid to fail, there is always a new day to start again, if you have a potential just work as hard as u can to get the max value… I havent achieved this only by me, evolve has helped me a lot and has been a great stable where Ive grown as a póker player, want to say thanks and also to invite everyone to not stop, if you have a dream just go for it and do your best, we are a team and we are together to support anyone to move up on stakes..” -Excerpt taken from our stable chat with permission by the player.


Former $60-$100's Grinder

In about 4 months since joining Evolve I went from barely beating 7s to beating 60s. The stable provides the community, the coaching, the environment and all the tools you need to succeed, after that it’s up to you to put in the work. I had my doubts about signing up for such a longterm commitment but I can safely say that I haven’t regretted that decision for a moment.


Former €50's Grinder

I came to the stable as a low/mid stakes cash player. Not a true grinder, but more of a recreational player. I had to relearn how to play poker. I’ve had great coaching along the way, but more importantly I was taught how to actually study for poker. I never really knew how to do this. These tools and skills I picked up from the stable over the past 15 months have made the journey from 7s to 60s/100s smooth. By no means was it easy, but I was shown the path by experienced and excellent players/coaches and I just followed it. Without the tutelage the stable has provided all of this would have just been something I dreamed about doing.

Jay M.

Former $60's-$100's Grinder

I’ve been a ‘poker pro’ for 14 years. It has certainly got a lot tougher in that time. Luckily I found Evolve. They have helped me so much in my quest to improve. But it’s not just the coaching. It is the community spirit, the love, the feeling of belonging. And I’ve been around the block. I know what a ‘home’ should feel like and I am proud to call Evolve Staking ‘MY HOME’.


Former $30's-$100's Grinder

I started with no poker background, It was a real struggle for me at the start of my career, I was working 50 hours a week, providing for a family, and chasing poker. After a few months of things going well, Evolve enabled me to quit my job and focus on poker full time.

I started with Evolve in February (2017), My hard work at lower stakes was rewarded by the team, I felt appreciated. The community in evolve is one of the best things about it, something I know other stables can’t compete with. I’ve made lots of really good friends here in evovle, other players, coaches, and even the admin team.

The Coaches, and Admin team are always available to help with whatever you need, You can rely on if you have any problems with something in the stable, it will be resolved. Evolve has given me more freedom then I could have imagined and has always made sure I have enough. I am now grinding the highest stakes games, coaching on the side, and I can say life has never been better.


Former $60's-$100's Grinder

I was 16 years old. Started with freeroll sitngos at Everest poker. Made 100 dollars that summer, lost em eventually by moving up too fast.

Now I am 26, have been in two stables before and learned a lot of lessons. Joined Evolve 06. March 2018 and decided that I really wanted to CHANGE the things needed to move up in stakes this time. Had to start at 15s because my results at 30s were not that good. Now I’m doing good at 60s and looking forward to improve and be able to move up to 100s.

Small group of crushers means more attention by coaches and bigger opportunities. I joined 4 months ago and I am allready at 60s and working in the database team. I have been in two stables and I have never got as much attention and high quality coaching as in this stable. Its going so well that I decided to quit my job in Norway :)

+ The group chat is full of humour and cool people.


Former $30's-$60's Grinder

Joined almost 4 months ago, since then I:
met helpful teammates,
Got positive and energized coaching three times a week,
Have access to daily new videos to watch.

Stable looks for ways to improve overall experience – new vip system, leaderboard


Former $30's-$60's Grinder

I’m playing Poker for over 14 years, mostly as a fish :D
When I joined Evolve in February 2018 I started on 15s with not much of a Spin&Go backround.
Within five month I moved up to 100s plus being a coach for Evolve.
In my oppinion results speak the loudest, so it’s pretty clear that it was a good decision to join the stable.
At the end of the day you have to work hard for your success. You are the only one responsible for your decsions and your are the only one who has to deal with the outcome.
Having a comfortable enviroment like at Evolve Staking helps a lot to reach your goals.


Former $100's Grinder

All testimonials were provided with consent from the players. Players were not paid to say these things, or give us positive reviews. This is the unadulterated truth about Evolve Staking.

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